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Acupuncture & Reiki

Acupuncture & Reiki

Is anyone else feeling a little stressed out this week? Between school, work, Minnesota’s crazy weather patterns, and Minnesota’s crazy drivers -there are a lot of reasons one could be feeling under the weather. Even coming up with a blog post for this week, I can feel the pressure. So… to combat this tension our […]

No More Shampooing!

I would assume by now most everyone has heard their stylist tell them NOT to wash their hair every day. However, how many of us think we can’t actually do that? For myself, I could never follow this concept since my hair would become too “greasy” by the end of the day. Here to find […]

Speedy Blow Drying

Last Friday we had a guest speaker come and share her tips and tricks of blow drying hair. There were two tips that I thought would be most useful to share with all of you. Both of these tips go hand in hand and are helpful in speeding up your blow drying time. Moisture accumulates […]

All About The Brows

Today in class we got to learn all about facial waxing! One of the things I was most excited to be taught is how to properly wax eyebrows. Properly waxed eyebrows are so important: they give the face expression and help to showcase the eyes. We were each given a handout that outlined the basic […]

Indulge Salon now offering Acupuncture, Reiki and Hypnotherapy services in White Bear Lake

Indulge Salon is excited to announce that they will now be offering acupuncture, Reiki and hypnotherapy services at their White Bear Lake salon and wellness spa. These services are performed by our acupuncture, Reiki and hypnotherapy specialist, Leah, who has a long history in the healing arts. She received her Reiki training at St. Kate’s, […]