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Beach Curls

Summertime beach curls have never been more in style than now. This season, give the effortless curl look a try! Here are a couple of tips to help you achieve that fun and whimsical look. Step 1: John Masters Sea Mist Spray. The combination of sea salt, water, and lavender essential oils helps to give […]

Summer Purse Must Haves

Summer Purse Must Haves

This summer, there are some key cosmetic products that every woman should have on hand. From needing to feel pretty, needing to ward off bugs, or needing to cool down and freshen up…Take a look at my well put together collection! Intelligent Nutrients Bug Repellent: 100% organic and effective bug repellent that releases a spicy […]

Protecting Pool Hair

This summer plenty of us will diving into the cool comforts of a pool on a hot day. However, it is so important to be mindful about protecting your hair from the harsh chlorine! Here are some great products for keeping your swimmer’s hair healthy all summer long… Tangle Me Free: Use this product pre-swimming […]