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Summer Purse Must Haves

Summer Purse Must Haves

This summer, there are some key cosmetic products that every woman should have on hand. From needing to feel pretty, needing to ward off bugs, or needing to cool down and freshen up…Take a look at my well put together collection! Intelligent Nutrients Bug Repellent: 100% organic and effective bug repellent that releases a spicy […]

Liner Lesson

I recently was able to attend an education event and one of the things that stuck with the most was our liner lesson. Personally I just draw a line across the top of my lid and call it good, but after this lesson I see eye liner in a whole new way! Check out the […]

Let’s Talk Lips

Granted, I don’t wear lipstick everyday, but if I am going to wear it I want it to last! Since, I’ve been focusing on skin and make-up at school, I thought it was time that I learn the tricks to applying lipstick. After researching and reading I’ve found that you could spend hours on applying […]

All About The Brows

Today in class we got to learn all about facial waxing! One of the things I was most excited to be taught is how to properly wax eyebrows. Properly waxed eyebrows are so important: they give the face expression and help to showcase the eyes. We were each given a handout that outlined the basic […]

Oil vs. Lotion

  If you haven’t heard yet… nearly everyone at Indulge Salon has taken to using John Master’s Pomegranate Oil for everything! Personally I was a little skeptical about using oil instead of lotion, especially on my face. However, after using countless different face lotion brands and being disappointed every time, I had to give it […]

Did You Know…

This week I started my skin care and nail care classes -who knew cosmetology included not only hair, but skin and nails too! Since I just began these subjects I haven’t learned much yet. However, I have had the opportunity to learn different tips and tricks from the professionals I work with. One of the […]