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Protecting Pool Hair

This summer plenty of us will diving into the cool comforts of a pool on a hot day. However, it is so important to be mindful about protecting your hair from the harsh chlorine! Here are some great products for keeping your swimmer’s hair healthy all summer long… Tangle Me Free: Use this product pre-swimming […]

Liner Lesson

I recently was able to attend an education event and one of the things that stuck with the most was our liner lesson. Personally I just draw a line across the top of my lid and call it good, but after this lesson I see eye liner in a whole new way! Check out the […]

Summer Skin Safety 101

With summer on the way I thought it would be a great time to reevaluate how I am protecting my skin. I know it is especially important to be conscientious of my face, which has an overall thinner skin layer than anywhere else on the body. Let me share with you some of the information […]